Assyrian Administrative Area

This is the letter I sent to Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman for the 14th district, in regards to the proposed legislation she would have put forward to House of Representatives in early January 2007. However, this bill did not make it to the House due to strong campaigning by the members of the KDP:

Dear Congresswoman Eshoo,
My name is Emil Soleyman and I am an Assyrian American from San Jose. It has
been recently communicated that you were considering a proposed congressional
resolution regarding the formation of an administrative area for Assyrians and
other minorities. In response to this effort, Mr. Fawzi Hariri, a senior Assyrian
member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the appointed Minister of
Industry in Baghdad, and Mr. Praidoon Darmo, Deputy Secretary-General of the
Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) met with you to discuss this issue on January 17.
The result of the meeting was the temporary shelving of a critical congressional
resolution that would support the creation of an administrative area for Assyrians
and other minorities in northern Iraq.

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